What are your plans for election night?

I'm thinking of watching Faux News.

When's the election?

Election night may be very boring this year since so many states won't be counting a lot of the votes until days later. Unless there is a complete landslide, court challenges are likely to happen, no matter which side appears to win.

We all know who is going to challenge. It will be Don the Con because everybody knows he has zero chance of winning any legitimate election. He and is Republican base have already demonstrated: intimidation, disrupting mail, invalidating ballots, and questioning mail-in/drive-thru voting. Republicans probably have even more tricks left in their bag.

Instead of becoming a better party that might be more popular to Americans, the Republicans would rather cheat.

Some states that Trump must win to have a chance to win the electoral college do count the votes quickly. Florida is one of them. North Carolina, Georgia and Ohio are others.

What happens in those states will give us an early indication of how close this will be.

If it is close, then yes, this could go on for days because Pennsylvania is the most likely tipping state and will be receiving postal ballots for 3 days after election day.