What Android versions work well with CellNuvo?

I know that Android 4.x is pretty much useless with app versions 3.xx.

I've been using really cheap Android 6 phones, which generally work well, except mine are severely RAM & ROM challenged-- it's gotten so severe that sometimes the app will crash/close simply because there's not enough RAM. (512mb on this phone......)

So yesterday we were snowbound, and in shoveling breaks I moved the app to a 'better' phone, running Android 5.x. So far, it works fine for static ads but does not play nicely with surveys (won't complete) & possibly some video ad types (cause the app to hang before starting ad). Before I go beating my head against a wall, or trying multiple 5.x phones, is anyone getting good results with Android 5.x?

(The 'new' swiping phone has 2gb or so of space free, and 1gb of RAM. Seems like I should be okay with that.)

Both of the phones I use are 2GB/16GB with Android 7.1.1. They both work great.

The LG X Charge used to get a lot of surveys but doesn't seem to get as many, now.

The Moto G4 Play used to try to start surveys and then they would close themselves and go to the ads without giving me a chance to complete them.

Curiously, after a few weeks, the G4 Play started showing me LOTS of surveys-- and still does. I usually get 2 to 4 per day, on that phone, which adds up to some nice silver.

Interesting comment about the G4 Play needing a couple of weeks of 'break in'. If others are managing Android 5.1, maybe I just need to keep trying for a while.
I did update Google Play Services and Chrome, and restarted a few times after CN install and updates. Didn't seem to help, though.

My android 5 phone gets stuck on spinning circle surveys and won't load ads any more. It has 2gb ram and has a decent processor being an lg g2. My lg tribute has an issue with flickering ads and it has 1.5gb ram.

I think android 6 is a minimum now and you are best with a 2gb ram phone. You might be able to get away with less but I have found the extra cost is worth the investment. A cheap decent 2gb ram android 7 phone should quickly pay for itself. I would say it should cost about $25-40 to be a pleasant experience with cellnuvo.

The Galaxy S5 working with Android 5.0. Was fine with celluvo 15 silver ads. As of 2 weeks ago it freezes on 15 silver ads

I have support looking into this over a week.

My android 5.x is working somewhat better now, completing surveys and only occasionally freezing, so maybe Chelle's 'break in period' is working for me. Hard to tell though, because neither of my phones was seeing lots of ads last night.
I think that an Android 7 with 2gb of ram is beyond my budget right now just for swiping. (I like to use a dedicated swiping phone,, and most of our 'real' phones don't meet those specs.) If the Android 5.x continues to give me issues, I have an Android 7/1gb, or maybe an Android 6/1.5 gb I could try.

An update: My Android 5.1 did indeed improve after the first few days, but persisted in hanging the app when starting some video ads. Too frustrating.

I switched to a cheap Android 7.1 (8 gb of memory, 1gb of RAM). So far, it's working just fine, although it accumulates a lot of cached data very quickly. (AT&T Prepaid ZTE Maven 3, from last year BF).

Android 6 continues to work fine on my other BLU phone. (4gb memory, 512mb RAM). Side by side last night, it seemed on par with the Maven 3.

I prefer to use a dedicated swiping phone, for several reasons. The prime reason is battery-- if I swipe on my 'real' phone, the battery is always mostly dead when I need the phone.......
A dedicated phone also allows me to isolate the environment. It doesn't have my contacts (or phone service,), uses a different Google Play account, and I don't have any sensitive info on it. That makes me a little braver about being willing to try some of the Super Silver awards (like loading an app) that would worry me otherwise. I can always wipe the phone if need be.

Ebates had a promo offering 62% back on phone purchase for most of the Tracfone family. I managed to pick up an Android 7 16gb/2gb for $11.40 (plus tax on $30) after the cashback, so that will become a swiper phone. (My Maven 3 can be used on AT&T MVNOs, so not sure I want to leave it as a swiper.)

Thanks for the suggested phone benchmarks, mmfacemm! It'll be interesting to see if the healthier phone yields smoother swiping performance.