Website unreachable

For about the last 30 minutes adds haven't been crediting and website
is unreachable. Let's hope for the best

Just swiped for some credits-no silver!! :frowning: Don't know what's going on-it was working this morning

Having the same issue of silver not being credited.

Just signed up for CellNUVO a couple of weeks ago to save money on domestic cell phone calls. Added off-network roaming today and was concerned that no silver was being credited since early this afternoon. I did the PRL update, profile update, checked the roaming profiles, and updated the app and put in the new activation code they provided. Roaming on Verizon worked fine a few minutes ago, although I'm primarily feeding data from an AT&T mobley unlimited data-only device that I normally use more for my laptops. I'm hoping this is just a system glitch and silver will start being credited again on Wednesday. If not, I'll contact customer support again.

To CellNUVO's credit, I can still make calls (unlike RingPlus that would sometimes lose Sprint service).