Warning about Bad Info from Red Pocket CS

I did a chat with Red Pocket CS the other day and simply asked him what the Last expiration date: 2018-03-02 on my account meant. I knew what it meant but I wanted Red Pocket to confirm it. He said "hang on a min" and then came back and said that meant "that when this months plan ends on Dec 30, you have until the Last expire date to 'refill' your account or you will 'loose your number"

I then challenged him by asking him to tell me the last to refills on my account. Once he gave me that (2 had been done in the last week) I said "well doesn't that mean I'm PAID UP till March 2, 2018"? And he then said "yes, my bad"

So just beware, they don't always have the correct answers and don't always understand correct English.....

Even though my "Last expiration date" is July 2018, today received a sms from Redpocket saying "your plan expires in 7 days, please refill now!".
I hope it is just a generic broadcast SMS for everyone 7 days before "Plan expiration date"


I got the same thing. Like you I think (and hope) it's just a generic broadcast