Make your voice count! VOTE!

The Constitution established the United States as
a democratic republic. It is democratic because
the people govern themselves, and it is a republic
because the government’s power is derived from
its people.
This means that our government – federal, state,
and local – is elected by the citizens. Citizens vote
for their government officials and these officials
represent the concerns and ideas of the citizens
in government.

Indeed, VOTE!

We need enough of a margin so Don the Con cannot claim fraud. Never mind, he will file suit no matter how decisive his loss is just to divide this country and save his fat ass. Yet there are still people who support him.

How to vote early, safely and by mail in all 50 states

Been there, done that, got the sticker. I'm always encouraging workmates to vote, regardless of party affiliation.

We voted by mail: first time ever when I wasn't traveling & away from my voting location on election day. We've always made a celebration of it, and go out to eat, or for ice cream, after going to the polls (depending on the season), while sporting our "I voted" stickers.

Thankfully, our mail-in ballots came with the sticker! But the treat of barbecue or ethnic food didn't happen this year, and it was too cold for ice cream. :frowning:

Voting is our right that many have died to give us. I have taken people to the polls to cast their vote knowing they would be voting the opposite way that I would. It was their right just as much as mine and I would fight for them as well as myself. We remained friends for years.

This is in a polling location in Miami. It is illegal. Voter intimidation by law enforcement.

If you are an officer who wants to be respected, why would you demonstrate that you are a moron and support Don the Con?