Voicemail Charges

Hello, Is anyone else being charged for people leaving Voicemails? People are calling me, leaving voicemails and I'm being charged for them. Tello Support claims that I have been checking the voicemails and hence the charges, but I haven't because the phone was turned off during the entire time I was on vacation.

I did a specific test to leave myself a voicemail, without checking the voicemail inbox to avoid charges. Voila, a 3 Cent charge came up several hours later.

09/24/2018 9:17:36 PM direction in +1 (###) ###-#### 0:12 min Pay As You Go $0.03

I have been in contact with support, but their investigations do not seem to be accurate. Anyone have this problem? May be a good time to check your activity logs for an surprises.

Thans for any input!

Like some other folks in the older thread about this, it would not seem unreasonable to me that Tello PayGo would charge for incoming voicemail, as many PayGo providers do. (Some providers charge for incoming, and for retrieval if done over the native dialer.)
But some folks in the older thread tested and reported that incoming voicemail was not charged. I wonder if it's a difference between Tello PayGo and Tello Plans?

If Tello reps are still monitoring this forum, maybe someone will stop in and clarify this? They've been very helpful here.

Thanks for the reply KentE;
The latter has always been the case for myself and family. From what the support mentioned, only retrieval is billable, from the phone's dialer. Hopefully we can shed some light on this.


Just left myself a voicemail. Will let you know if I get a charge in a few hours. I tested it the last time this cropped up and I was never charged

Do you have the sprint voicemail app or visual voicemail app installed? Not sure if that makes a difference. It seems that tello is registering someone or something as picking these up.

Almost 3 hours later and still no charge.

Thanks for the reply mmfacemm, I think it's a singled out issue on my device as my family members do not experience this. I do have a Sprint voicemail app, but I have never been charged ever since I switched to Tello from RP. These charges only started early this month.

Thanks again to the both of you for the input!

I owe you all an update. I am happy to announce that the issue has been resolved; for now. Initially I had some pushback from support saying it's normal or it has now been resolved phrases, but after I insisted, they looked into the matter. I left myself a voicemail again and the charges are not showing up. Thanks to all for the help.