Visible Quirks

I've only had Visible Mobile for 10 days, now, but I've started to learn some things and I've had to come up with a few workarounds.

On three of the last 10 days I could not get the Facebook Lite app or the GasBuddy app to authenticate over the Visible Mobile data connection.

Most days it would work perfectly fine but, like I said, on three days I was unable to get those apps to log in.

I'm a pretty good troubleshooter and I tried all of the usual things like clearing cache, force close, delete data, log out and log back in, delete and reinstall the app, reboot the phone, etc.

The thing that "fixes" the problem? Using a VPN.

As soon as I connect any of my VPNs then everything works perfectly.

So it's got to be an issue with Visible.

It's no big deal, though. I used to only use a VPN when I wanted to be anonymous but now I keep a VPN connected all the time.

I've done speed tests and the impact on bandwidth has been minimal, especially now that I can toggle off slow LTE bands to get a faster connection.

So if you've been having trouble connecting or logging in with any of your apps, save yourself the trouble of trying to figure out what the problem is and just connect a VPN.

Have not had issues with apps, but certainly something to keep in mind.