Visible is introducing Party Pay, get 4 lines and pay $25 for each line

Visible just ended its referral program and introduced its new Party Pay program.

4 lines $25/line
3 lines $30/line
2 lines $35/line

This is big, it will beat ANY wireless plan on the market.
Unlimited calling, texting, LTE data on device and unlimited hotspot LTE data with a 5 Mbps speed cap.

That is really interesting. I like how they are encouraging random people to join together but the accounts stay separate. It is a great idea.

If anyone start a party here feel free to post any free spots!

Combined with the $200 mastercard offer for a new phone this sounds excellent.

Reminds me of Framily. FWIW, don't overlook Rakuten (aka Ebates) discounts.

Do they accept Android phones yet?

Yes, but very limited. Here's a few that work, Galaxy S9, Pixel 3, Moto G7 Power. They have their branded ZTE for $19 that works. Pretty hard to beat for a starter phone.

When Visible first launched, I had considered them as an alternative to home internet. At that time, their CS told me that their hotspot only supported one device at a time. Does anyone know if that has changed?

They have that stipulation in fine print on their site.

I wonder if something similar to this from the Queen of the Nerds could help:

(No offense intended-- Chelle already fessed up to that title.)

If Visible "hotspot" includes USB tether, DD-WRT firmware supports USB tether as WAN. Technically, the DD-WRT router would be the "one" device, handling NAT, etc. for other devices.

Not sure about DD-WRT, but Wifi as WAN is supported by some commercial routers (eg; Pepwave, Cradlepoint, etc.)

This is basically Framily. I hated saying that phrase, and I worked for Sprint at the time so I said it ALL THE TIME.

The problem with tying your discount to strangers on the internet is if they stop paying, your bill goes up.

I know that new people can come in to replace, and the relatively small number for max discount makes that easier, but I haven't seen anything that says that new Party members can be existing lines. They almost assuredly have to be new lines of service or ports. That's a big ask to place that much trust in people you don't know.

Good luck, Visible!

"As an active Visible member, you can create your own party or join an existing one to start saving." Visible | It's Phone Service. In An App.

More details here ("Party Pay" section):

Don't know how I missed that part. Thanks for the heads up.

$15 a month off your normal service is nothing to scoff at for basically no effort. I think this makes their referral program one of the more expensive in the industry for them ($180/year/customer). But they clearly must see some benefit to it.

I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure.

My T-Mobile phone maxes out at 8 users on the phone's hotspot but, by connecting a router to the hotspot, I've got my whole house connected and it only looks like one device.

LiterallyUnlimited writes: "The problem with tying your discount to strangers on the internet is if they stop paying, your bill goes up"

That's the way it looked to me, too. I imagine that even if it's new signups only, there will be informal meeting points for those looking to join a party. It seems likely that every cellphone-aholic considering Visible would want to join with a party-- but that group (including Nth Circlers) may be the most fickle about staying with one provider long-term.. I don't think there will be too much risk to long-term average cost, but maybe not the best choice for those on a tight budget.

Does the Visible program permit a single party group to have more than four lines on it?

No (not as of November 3, 2019).

"Q: I want to have a party of 6. What do I do?
A: As the maximum number of members in the party is 4, the additional members will need to create a new party."

Anyone with a party with free slots do let me know as I plan to activate tomorrow. Pm me if you don't want to broadcast the info.

Just in time to try them again with my Moto G7 Power. Now to find me a party! Maybe we should start a party thread if that is within the terms of the forum.

I would think if nowhere else, it would be within the realm of the Referral Links thread.
It would be nice if anyone listing avalable parties would remember to edit or delete the post when the party is filled.

Beyond that, it might be wise to send a PM to hungryghost to ask.

Is the 5 Mbps cap for hotspot only or phone data speed also?