Visible goes to bat for customers with Pixel 1 /2

So, it seems that the latest security update for Pixel 1 and 2 caused problems for Visible customers using those phones. Something in the update made them lose voice and text on Visible.
After a couple of days of likely frenzied attempts to work out a patch with Google, Visible decided to fix the problem by sending customers with those phones new, and free, Pixel 3a XL phones. Within a couple of days of the problem, phones started turning up on doorsteps.

That's pretty good customer service.

It sounds like the update permanently borked the phones for use on Visible, and those earlier Pixels won't be supported anymore.

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Thats really impressive actually, good on them for taking initiative.

Given the many negative posts about Visible's CS, this action by Visible will go a long way toward gaining customer's trust, although Visible likely didn't have any sane alternative to the action it took.

Most of the affected Pixels were BYOD devices. I think most providers would have said sorry, but it's not our problem-- and possibly offered a discount on a new device or one of the free-for-swap phones.

I agree that it was likely done to keep their reputation from being tarnished beyond however much it's already tarnished by general customer-service issues. It should definitely buy them some customer loyalty, and lots of buzz.

I am curious about the Visible Employee's claim the issue was a result of the devices not going through "regular device certification and testing". Why suddenly an issue after security update?

Based on reddit posts, it seems the issue was with calling/messaging only on the affected devices, but data still worked.

Was any other carrier/MVNO affected by this security update?

If not, I am wondering why only Visible apparently affected. Perhaps due to changed interaction between SIM card and device?

According to GCF, both G011A (Pixel 2) and G011C (Pixel 2 XL) are certified.

For Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the manufacturers are listed in GCF as "HTC" and "LG", respectively, whereas "Google" is listed in GCF as manufacturer of the more recent Pixel devices:

I am not a Visible user, and this is just a guess.....
I suspect something with the VoLTE-only scheme. Perhaps the update broke whatever it is that prevents it defaulting back to traditional voice/text?
(You might be right about the SIM card, if the SIM sets the profile for VoLTE only.)

Sending out a few hundred of Pixel phones generated a very loud buzz and a positive image of Visible. Marketing money well spent.
Despite of still poor customer services, many people are taking a gamble and porting into Visible. A lot of Cricket groups are falling apart and moving to Visible when Party Pay started.