Vintage Electric VW Bug?

Folksvagon is considering making a vintage all electric Bug, but, to my thinking, this idea should be relegated to the trash bin, for I believe the days of that contraption are over, much like yours truly, and should remain enshrined in
the fond memories of those who owned and loved the Bug during its heyday. The days of trying to fit 29 or so people in that small wonder were great fun, but they are no longer. The VW bus, on the other hand, I think could find a second life with the current all electric model. Whatever VW does, just stay away from diesel engines.

The usa is one of the only country that shy away from diesel engines.


They get as good as mpg as hybrid's

They fixed the 1980's smoke issue and hesitation issue

The price of diesel has come down to be close to gasoline

Dieselgate--i.e., crimes against humanity by VW

Don't forget that even before that, California, having the toughest emission standards in the world, made it very difficult to sell diesels in California.

The US was just warming up to diesels, there being little incentive to buy one seeing how cheap fuel is here and also seeing how diesel is perceived as a dirty and noisy fuel.

Over in Europe, taxation differences between gasoline and diesel as well as the taxation of vehicles based on CO2 output, shifted the market towards diesels. Consumers were led to believe it was better for the environment and that helped make it more popular than gasoline. It's something they regret now because air quality suffered, which was exactly what California wanted to avoid.

The Indian government also artificially boosted the diesel market through previously subsidizing diesel fuel.

As this chart shows, this all led to diesels only being popular in Europe and India. Thus the premise of the question you were answering was entirely wrong (as well as being apparently uninformed of recent widely reported major developments on the topic).

Since that chart, diesel sales in India halved once the diesel fuel subsidies were removed. Europe too is running away from diesel as a result of the scandals.

Thanks for the comprehensive data.
Clarification: my tongue in cheek, attempt a black humor, statement in the OP about VW staying away from diesel engines was just a reference to VW's recent criminal activities connected to their diesel cars, and was not intended to say anything about the US's or the world's attitudes toward or utilization of diesel cars. My second post was to provide info about the VW diesel scandal in an effort to clarify the "stay away from diesel engines" statement in the OP, which I thought might have been misinterpreted. That said, you have responded to the second post in this thread quite well