Videos Are Now Crediting

I just watched a video and was credited with 1¢ about 20 seconds later.

In the CellNUVO universe that would be 10 silver, so not too terrible on reward value.

I went back in to watch more videos and it looks like it maxed out at 5, for the day.

They were 5 to 17 seconds in length.

The four additional videos haven't credited, yet.

Thanks Chelle. I tried it but didn't get any instant credit. The 15 second video did say I would receive 4 credits for it which is pretty good but we will see.

Edit okay I did a few others and got 1c credited.

15sec for 10 silvers, better than cellnuvo

0 credits earned on video thus far... :frowning:

Still only got paid for 4 coupons despite probably 30 coupons printed.

Yeah, it's been hit or miss.

Hopefully, they'll get things sorted out, soon.