Verizon prepaid

Saw Verizon Prepaid at Walmart for $60/mo with unlimited data (throttle after 11gb).
Looks like lots of price competition and Verizon is budging.
Comparing Sprint postpaid at $60 and Verizon prepaid at $60, looks like a winner.

my personal phone has been Verizon prepaid for over 10 yrs. yes i admit at times i was (am) paying more, however i needed a network that worked (works) everywhere. i had to spend many of days talking to customer service to figure out who owned what towers in the areas i needed service so i could buy directly from that company. turns out that was verizon. my current plan is not unlimited but it has 3gigs with rollover and unlimited 128k after i use my 3gigs i pay 40 +taxes a month. i still compare it to my last postpaid plan and find it leaps and bounds above it all others. my last postpaid phone was with nextel before the sprint take over. i stayed during the transition to sprint and shortly cancelled afterwards because it was so horrible. i world certainly recommend that anyone worried about the leap to verizon just to take it you wont be disappointed.

Coverage, ease of use, fallback to unlimited 128k and rollover are BIG advantages.
seems the cheapies are time intensive with lots of pitfalls.
Ideally I'd like an all carrier phone with 4 sim slots or roaming on all networks,
data carryover and fallback to unlimited slower speeds+100 minutes talk text with rollover for unused minutes text and data for around $10 per month. ( one can dream)
Thanks for sharing the info.