Verizon $10 standalone tablet plan - great way to use your cellnuvo gold

Thought this deserved its own thread. There is a standalone tablet plan at verizon that costs $10 a month for 1gb LTE. No extra line fees or anything. You can also use it for smartwatches or hotspots as well. It is postpaid so there is a credit check.

I walked through this process with my friend to pay for their new verizon tablet plan. They bought a cheap verizon tablet off ebay and signed up for byod on the standalone tablet plan. It is $15 a month but you get a $5 discount with autopay (checking account or debit card only) and paperless billing. First bill includes a $30 activation fee and taxes/fees came to 8 cents only. So the first bill was $40.08.

Verizon requires a zip code as well as the phone number to make a payment. Cellnuvo support sent an email to ask for the zip code and then the payment was made successfully after that. Bill paid off and there is a small balance carried forward since he paid $46 just to be sure (didn't know the total due when the payment was made). The new app has space for the zip code so probably best using the new app going forward.

I was told by verizon customer service that the autopay discount still applies as long as it is set up on the account. So it should just be $10.08 next month.

Works great and it is good to see balances carry forward so you can load up your verizon account. Customer service say there is no limit to what can be carried forward.

All in all a great low cost option if you are looking for a tablet/smartwatch/hotspot plan and a great way to use your gold.

If you have a postpaid Verizon account you can actually charge accessories to your bill and so use cellnuvo gold.

So you can say buy a GoPro or a Fitbit or a case for your phone etc. Even a drone if you want to spend $1000 lol. Quite a lot of things you can buy.