Venn Mobile

50GB hotspot data + streaming at 1080p + wifi calling + unlimited everything --for $30 a month--but one might be able to get the first 6 months fro $21 a month. Sprint Network. Whole lotta good deals out there nowadays.

I didn't succeed in finding much info about Venn Mobile.

BestMVNO did better detective work, noting:
"Venn Mobile appears to be run by the same people behind the Teltik brand, as evidenced by the fact that both the Teltik brand and Venn Mobile brands are using the same address on their "contact us" page. BestMVNO has reached out to Teltik representatives for clarification."

BestMVNO also notes that the Venn Mobile plan includes roaming partners. I believe Teltik is a reseller of T-Mobile business accounts, and the roaming inclusion may indicate that Venn has a similar arrangement with Sprint.

This is indeed a very good time to latch onto one of the recent 6-month offers, if T-Mobile or Sprint service works for you. Sprint Kickstart has the advantage of not being a limited-time promo, and Venn looks like their standard rate is going to be $30. (But it's too soon to be certain of that, since they're new......) Current info looks like the Black and Mango plans will move up to $40 after the promo period. (If, indeed, the plans remain available.)

The roaming is a BIG +
Do note that data roaming is said to be limited to 100mb on Venn.

Twigby is 0 data roaming I believe.
Would love to see Venn offer some competitively priced low use or Tello/Twigby bucket style choices, Sprint primary that include "extended network" (mostly VZW) talk/text/data roaming.

$22 a month for the first 6 months of unlimited everything + 50GB mobile hotspot data. Use "SOCIAL8" code at checkout to get $30-$8=$22
Sprint network

Now $20 a month for 1st 6 months using code PAT20( apply at checkout ).

"Venn Mobile has Unlimited Minutes, Texts, & 4G LTE Data + 50GB Hotspot Per Month on sale for $30 - $10 with coupon code PAT20 (apply during checkout) = $20 for the First 6-Months. "

Now $18 a month(how low will it go?)

Heck of a deal for those without home Wifi. Thanks for the reminder, and I'm putting this one in my suggestion list for someone from work.

Now $17 a month for first 6 months.

What the heck is going on here?

A Vendetta forming.

Yes, it's strange. The OP isn't particularly good about sharing details. When asked to run specific tests & report back, seeing "Shows blacklisted. I know phones . I did every check it was venn Mobile", doesn't provide lots of confirmation.

I'm not discounting the claim, but more detail would make one more comfortable about it, too.
I have seen some folks with phones they were sure should have clean unlocked status, when further details revealed "not so much" situations. I have no reason to think that situation applies.

I see there's another user saying the same thing happened to them.

If things don't get straightened out soon, it may turn into a Venndetta. Very strange indeed!

Venndetta. Heh.