Using a non-whitelisted phone with a Verizon SIM

Can a Verizon SIM be used in a non-whitelisted phone? (Any CDMA non-whitelisted phone - i.e. Sprint, US Cellular, Alltel, Axon 7, etc.)

Is it possible to get Verizon to whitelist a phone?

You can usuually just take an activated sim from one phone and move it to a non whitelisted phone with verizon.

I think if it has band 13 they have to let you.

Does it still work on 3g data/CDMA voice on a non-registered IMEI?

Yes I believe so

Verizon doesn't work in the same way as sprint fortunately.

How's Sprint different in this regard?

Sprint ties the phone to the CDMA part and the LTE sim just provides data only. You can't just take the sim and move your whole service to another phone without making a formal ESN swap.

Can a Verizon SIM be used in an unused Sprint phone?

I doubt it.

It may be hard to generalize. For instance, if a Sprint iPhone is DSU, I would think a Verizon sim would work but have not actually tested this.