Updated from 2.xx to 3.xx - Non-rooted device users, how can you stand this app?

I updated because another thread indicated that pre-3.xx app accounts will be suspended as of August 1st. I don't do super silver because I'm oldschool; don't like spam and prefer to maintain online anonymity. I swipe right only.

The 3.xx app sucks hard for me. Half of the ads load in portrait view, the other half in landscape; this wreaks havoc on my device since screen rotation is disabled and causes a crash after an ad. "100 silver surveys" NEVER finish loading. Kiip rewards hardly ever load either - and although there isn't an "X" to close them I'm rooted and can force close the app. Literally had to FC a dozen times in a row, which is what prompted me to make this thread.

Just curious how non-rooted device users are able to tolerate this garbage since y'all lack the force-close ability. For reference I'm running a pre-oreo version of Android patched against vulnerabilities, with malicious domains blocked via hosts file. Literally every legit app runs perfectly fine on my device.


I use Android 7.1.1 non rooted

I use landscape mode and have no issue with freezing.

Sometimes an ad won't pay. I just shit app reopened it is fixed.

What happens if you turn on landscape mode just to run cellnuvo? Do you still freeze?

Sorry you have more issues then most

Btw we all would rather large paying ads like 15, 30, 60. Then match game

Pretty sure that it's your hosts file that's causing you so much trouble.

I'm running non rooted 7.1.1 and everything loads and runs fine. My only real beef is ads with 0 point value.

Like you, I only swipe right.

I agree with chelle on the hosts file, unless if it is a custom made one. More than likely it contains the addresses of most if not all the addresses for the updated cellnuvo ad locations. In which case would be useless for the service.

On my non-rooted devices:
All kiip ads have an X to back out of the kiip from the initial view screen-- handy for those ads that experience shows will not pay. (I can also double-tap on the "your kiip is loading" notification to exit if it hangs up there before the initial kiip screen loads.)

There are days when the surveys will not load for me, either. I can X-out from the loading screen to exit the loading process when I get tired of waiting. As noted by others, if you do this there is a fair chance that the survey will be offered again and again in the near future, which can cause me to put the phone away for the day.

I have portrait mode enabled-- that particular 'feature' of some ads never causes a crash for me.

I do have to force-close the app sometimes when it hangs up-- some ads are more likely to hang up, but I haven't identified any that reliably need a force closure. It does take some poking of buttons to allow me to get out of a locked-up screen to get to the settings menu to force-close-- usually by using the power button to hibernate the phone, and then un-hibernate, select "recent apps", and the settings menu. (Sometimes closing CN and browser in the 'recent apps' view does the trick without force-closing.)

I think a lot of us are aware that for some reason even particular factory android builds do not work well with CellNuvo. I tried to use a very low end ZTE, and had to abandon it because it just would not function properly with CN app. I used to use a dedicated swiping phone so that my "real" phone could be set up however I wanted-- currently using one of my FP devices, which is becoming pretty far away from a "real" phone with the cutbacks in data allotments..

With all that-- I agree that versions 3.xx all seem buggy to me, with a lot more hangups and needed force-closures than I saw with 2.74. (I also did not upgrade to v3 until after the warning that it would become non-functional soon.)

I'm using Android version 6.0 and I do have occasional problems with Kiip getting stuck on "loading kiip" so I usually just hit the phone home button then go back into app & it's gone. There was one ad that I couldn't even do that but I just use button on phone to put it to sleep & then if needed go back in & force close app via settings.

I don't let my phone use landscape mode unless I specifically turn it on which is rare, but don't have much trouble with those landscape ads getting stuck or causing problems.

The 100 silver survey will load sometimes, sometimes not. Sometimes I'll complete the survey & not get credit. But what's really getting on my nerves is all those 15-30 second ads only giving 5 silver. And no way to back out of them without force stopping which would take longer to do than just letting it play. Needless to say I don't swipe nearly as much as I used too.

I've gotten lucky & apparently won the # match several times but did so while the kiip ad is up. Since it credits before I close the ad I don't get to see that I've won or how much. Just notice my silver jumped a lot. And that's only if I'm paying attention to my silver number.

Since I'm still getting basically free cell service, via RP monthly plan, these few inconveniences & little bit of time used it's worth it & works out for me.