Updated Black Wireless Plans

Bestmvno lists updated Black Wireless plans, which all use the AT&T network according to Bestmvno.

I order the 6 months unlimited plan, 2 weeks now still now getting it. Looks like their service bad

I've seen several similar reports, including some mentioning replies from Black Wireless that they've had some logistical problem in supply, activation, and porting. I expect they'll get it straightened out.

As an aside, the offer from Black and Mango apparently took place in blocks of 3000 new users while it was available. I don't know whether they had one block, or multiple blocks, to sell. In any case, that's a significant number of new accounts to get into operation quickly and smoothly-- and apparently not so quickly and smoothly this time.

after waitifng 4 weeks.. I chat with them yesterday and find it's cancel. No email, no reason. CS can't tell and need another team to tell.. stay away from Black Wireless, it's not reliable and trustful.

Duly Noted. Black Wireless is ultimately leaving a black mark on Red Pocket, which has enough already.

More bad news about Black Wireless. Hope no one here signed on to a T-Mobile deal with them since T-Mobile has broken from Black Wireless. It appears one can get a refund, though.

Is redpocket soon to follow?

Same company right?

Same ownership. There was something odd about the Black Wireless & Mango Wireless plan offers-- both providers are normally AT&T only, and both these offers were on T-Mobile at drastically low rates. In addition, it appears that the plans were reselling T-Mobile business plans, which is OK if condoned by T-Mobile, and a violation of their TOS if it's not condoned.

Hard for us to know exactly what went wrong, or whether it will affect Red Pocket. I think BestMVNO is hoping to provide more info. FWIW, Red Pocket did not offer the plan.

Redpocket better be careful. They have been doing some dodgy things lately. From spamming the forum to launching plans they shouldn't have. They are not immune to badwill just because it was their lesser known brands.

Here's a decent take by Joe Paonessa of bestMvno on what happened to the Black Wireless and Mango Mobile 50 GB T-Mobile plans, which is pretty much aligned with what KentE posted above.

BTW: Has bestmvno always had this phone checker, for I just noticed it?

"Is Your Phone Compatible With Another Carrier Or MVNO? Check Below"