Update me please on the latest with CellNUVO

I've been away a while and am out of the loop.

Would anybody please be kind enough to tell me:

  1. Is the Infinite plan back up and working smoothly for everybody as promised?
  2. How many people have been able to redeem their gold on T Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint?
  3. How many $ have people redeemed on T Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint?
  4. What's the eta on the Amazon integration? I understand that cellnuvo received "final approval" from Amazon to integrate in mid November, that they were in beta and the app would be updated in a week or two.


My line is closed and cannot be stopped up.

Sorry to hear that Hungry-Hog.

Does anybody else have any feedback on the other questions in my opening post?

Redpocket reactivated my line with a new number, but my account status is need initial refill... And cellnuvo told me that it tried but failed. Very frustrating.

What the.

Did RedPocket provide you with an account number that you in turn provided to CellNuvo via the app?

Hey Hog, does your reply from CN look something like this?

Dear Customer:

You recently requested a Red Pocket top up - while we did in fact try to top up your account, there was an error processing your top up. Please contact Red Pocket support here:

Once your account is reactivated by Red Pocket support, you can resubmit your top up request in the app and we will process it from there.


CellNUVO Support

The thing is my Red Pocket line is already activated except with only 50/50/0 allotment. Sometimes I feel CN is not treating all customers alike.

H.H. ,

Did you have to pay with a credit card to get Red Pocket to reactivate your line?

How did you get them to reactivate your line? I've got several lines in limbo with different situations. As you stated earlier (somewhere), I don't want to pay $10 a piece to get them all activated.


No I did not... Why wouldn't I pay from my credit card? If I pay but cellnuvo refuses to pay, I am screwed, or if cellnuvo only pays once, I am screwed too. I would rather pay tello because money in tello account goes a long way.


It sounds like you are the first to get a line working again after losing an original number and not getting a temporary number. If that is the case, what info did you have to give them to get the line activated and get a new number?

I guess that you got on Chat with a rep and told them that you had a line that was supposed to be active on CellNUVO, what actually got it done? What steps should the rest of us try to follow?

Remember that about two weeks ago suddenly many people reported their lines closed? Mine too. Some chatted with redpocket and got their phone work again. I never tried because I know it was closed for non-payment. After mmfacemm reported his successful topup, I signed up a redpocket account and requested redpocket to get my line back for refill. Redpocket representative tried but could not retrieve my original number, but managed to assign me a new number. Redpocket representative said my account was reactivated but it is not true. My account status is need initial refill. When I try to make an outbound call I will hear welcome to redpocket, which means that my line will be ready to work once payment is received... But you know the rest of the story... I got the magic email from cellnuvo which is translated to - you big sucker lol.

My first bill payment with the app was to pay for a line with “need initial refill” on the $10 essential plan. That is all working now. So I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to kick start it using the app as well. Trying to get cellnuvo or redpocket to do it manually never worked.

Probably cellnuvo does not care to pay for my phone service? The first time they said they got an error, I emailed them with screen shots and tried topup again... Today I finally got a reply from cellnuvo, surprise! It is the same message.

Conclusion: nobody read my email, a robot replied and blamed on my account.

Why couldn't cellnuvo take my IMEI information and activate my phone for me with its business credit card? After all, it was its non-payment that led to my account closure in the beginning.

Wow lucky you. I couldn't even get redpocket to reactivate, the CS rep told me to open a new account myself, but it wants a credit card, so that's not happening. If they had at least gotten me to the point of active/initial refill instead of just closed, I probably would have tried to do an app topup to see if it worked. You at least got one step further than I did.

I tried twice to topup already, but cellnuvo says that there is an error and I need to contact redpocket to reactivate my account. I know the exact reason is they don't want to pay.

Quite a few people actually talked to redpocket and got their phone work again....is that fair?

They asked me to to pay by credit card also. I said I have 320 gold. Why would I want to pay with MY credit card. She probably laughed. 320 gold and a dollar won't buy a Starbuck coffee

It really doesn't make sense. Some are getting lines connected, most aren't. It is obvious that cellnuvo is not even trying to help for the majority of their customers. The template replies are a sad signpost for a company with a recent record of customer service failings. Why they can't apply your Gold top up to the account you got set up with Red Pocket is a major gap. Maybe there is a "back-end" charge they are refusing to pay, associated with the way you got it going? We will probably never know.

Gethome wrote: "It really doesn't make sense. Some are getting lines connected, most aren't. It is obvious that cellnuvo is not even trying to help for the majority of their customers. "

I wish I knew how many CN customers are left, because it seems to me there can't be many remaining, and CN, nor RP, is not able to solve the problems of even this meager number of people.

My wild guess is that CN only has few hundred customers left (if even that many). Even with the new app it appears they are still doing things manually. Maybe that's why some folks are getting preferential treatments and some aren't. Maybe they can match CN account names to 9th Circle forum names since they do monitor the forum. Really, who knows what's going on in the world of CN.