Unlimited Verizon Hotspot Data for $50 monthly

I wonder what is required, besides the $50, to join the family motor home club? This is a lot more expensive than the Sprint 4GCommunity unlimited plans. There's a secret way to get unlimited Verizon hotspot data for $50 a month

I went to their site for more information and found this posted in their forum:

"FMCA recently sent out notifications to a limited group of members as part of a “soft launch” or “beta test” of a wireless data plan from Verizon. FMCA had plans to share this information with the entire membership after this test period. Online news outlets heard about the plan and released information before FMCA was ready to make the announcement to all members. Response during this test period has been overwhelming, and we have had to suspend entries to the program. Rest assured that once we are ready to release information about the benefit, all members will be given the opportunity to evaluate the program and enroll if they believe it will meet their needs. Stay tuned for additional information."

Thanks for the update---overwhelming interest at $50 month--wow. This might turn into one huge motor home club.