Unlimited International Data - FWIW

If a big provider such as ATT were to roll this out again, what would you think would be a fair price for this feature?

T-Mobile and Sprint have that already with their post paid plans... unlimited 2g speed, though...

Because many many countries have done away with 2g technology is why I dont count that.

T-Mobile advertises 2g but in many countries it's actually 3g or higher.

You just saved me from getting something like this in the future. Thanks.

If you're in the AARP you might be able to get 10% off that price, sovashadow.

Had a friend that went on a cruise with T Mobile postpaid account. She got unlimited 2 G. At different countries they went to. Although I wasn't there to take readings. It was good enough for WhatsApp. And --hangouts. Was able to send some pics

Project Fi $80 plus tax has unlimited global data (first 15GB LTE then unlimited 256 kbps). It is a great plan for world travelers.

T-Mo adding more countries to their list.