Unlimited 2G

International traveler using Spring Global Free 2G... no home wifi.

4257410KB in 10 days... that's 4.06GB if I am reading it right.


More information please!.!??
I've never heard of Spring Global Free 2G

Not bad for sprint. Speeds of 64/128/256?

Tmobile has similar. Had a friend use it. Worked fine in combo with WhatsApp and google voice

Sprint 2G speed is 128kbps. Slow.
T-Mobile One also has 128kbps free roaming speed. T-Mobile One Plus has 256kbps speed.
Project Fi has full LTE roaming speed, but it is not free, $10/GB.

Good to know that T-Mo's global roaming is faster... 256kbps is definitely better than 128kbps. :slight_smile:

Also, it's amazing how much data one could use - even just on "2G" speed.

I calculated that, at 128kbps (kilobits per second), it would take ~73 continuous hours to achieve 4GB:

4 GB * (1024 MB / 1GB) * (1024 kB / 1 MB) * (8 kb / 1kB) * (1s / 128kb) * (1min / 60s) * (1hr / 60min) = 72.8 hr


7 hr of continuous use a day for someone on vacation, very likely. :slight_smile: