Unlimited 1GB 4G LTE plan terminated

FreedomPop terminated my $24.99 per month "Unlimited 1GB 4G LTE" Plan on July 7, 2017.
This plan had throttled data after the initial 1GB was used.
The current plan plan billing cycle was/is Jun 16 to July 16, 2017.
A $6.40 charge to PayPal appeared July 7, 2017 and since FreedomPop does not identify which account
a charge is related to, I assumed the charge was for our one of two accounts which have a monthly cost of $6.48. But, when logging into the account that had the "Unlimited 1GB 4G LTE" plan, I found a $6.40 charge on Jul 7, 2017, for "Premium 1GB" plan was shown as Paid. I had no knowledge of any plan change for this account being requested.

So, I logged into the E-Mail account related to this FreedomPop account.
There I found the following in an E-Mail with subject, "Important Information Regarding Your Current Plan", dated 7/7/2017 6:25 PM: "Adjustments to our contract with our
network provider have forced us to grandfather out your current plan at the end of your
next billing cycle." "Your current plan has been migrated into the next
comparable available plan." "As a showing of our appreciation we will add 2GB of Bonus Data to your account."

When I logged into my FreedomPop account on July 7 2017, to see which plan was in effect, I found "MY VOICE AND DATA PLAN" was "Premium 1GB" at "Price: $19.99/Month". I assume that the $6.40 charge is for 10 days usage of this plan starting July 7, 2017 and ending at the end of the billing cycle which ends July 16, 2017. I already paid $24.99 for a full month's usage of the terminated plan and now I have also been charged an additional $6.40 for usage of another plan for the last 10 days of the same month.
Why was $8.10, for 10 days usage of the old plan which can/will not be used, not refunded?

I also pay $10.99/month for "FreedomPop Phone Premier" services which includes Data Rollover. It remains to be seen how much of the "showing of our appreciation ... 2GB of Bonus Data to your account" will be rolled over to the next billing cycle starting July 16, 2017. The user of this account will most likely have no need for this 2GB of Bonus Data before the end of the current billing cycle.

"Why was $8.10, for 10 days usage of the old plan which can/will not be used, not refunded?"

It may be the case here , and it certainly is the case in many commercial settings, that the process of charging for service and that of making refunds are not simultaneous. Thus it could well be that you will receive a refund once FP has completed its accounting cycle and has fully incorporated the rate changes across accounts.

Certainly you should request one and if FP, for any reason declines, then you can look at other options.

FP seem to be making a lot of negative changes this month.

Thanks for sharing this, thewamp. Was your plan on the Sprint network side, or on the GSM side? It seems the changes we've seen lately apply to one or the other, but not necessarily both of those services.

What other negative changes have they recently made?

See the other thread about throttling of sprint lines.

Sprint is the MNVO.

I opened a ticket and asked for overage pricing for the 1 GB Premium plan. The response I received was $0.02 per MB. I think that I was given the wrong price which applies to the Free plan, but since FreedomPop no longer shows the pricing in the plan description, how is the user going to find out the official overage pricing for his/her plan? I have reopened the closed ticket and am waiting to see if was was given the wrong price for my plan.