Universal Translater - almost there!


No more embarrassing translations, maybe. :slight_smile:

Here is why there may still be a way to go on The Univeral Translater project.

"It isn’t the literal meanings of the words that make it difficult. It’s the connotations — all those associated ideas that hang around a word like shadows of other meanings. It’s connotation that makes house different from home, and makes scheme into something shadier in American English than it is in British English."

I used to work in a place where we routinely used both simultaneous interpreters and translators. All the interpreters also worked as translators but only a few of the translators were also interpreters.

Over time I got to know one of the interpreters quite well and asked why that was the case.

After thinking about it for a while the interpreter said, translating is something anyone can learn to do. Simultaneous interpretation is very different--it is something one can either do or not do but there is no obvious explanation for why that is the case.