Unite Mifi $10!


Well, knowing that you can only get 250mb free/max a month... is this still worth it?

I have a LTE hotspot. I'm thinking about moving the SIM to a phone, instead. The big risk is that hotspots generally don't have a way to set a data limit, and it's just too risky for me with only 200mb (plus a safety margin). No risk if you have safety-mode enabled, though.
The Sprint-network hotspot makes more sense to me, since it still has 500mb (although throttled).

I'll keep the hostpot in case I decide to splurge on the $50 annual plan w/ 1GB.

The new rule for FP is that they'd spend down your deposit and no surprise charges, if they fail to stop data in time... so the hotspot will just stop working. But I do know that when using hotspots, devices tend to use more data... thinking you are using your home internet...