Unconstitutionally F**T by Patent and Trademark office?

The famous, objective judicial maxim: "you know it when you see it" (or hear it), along with the all is relative rule of thumb: "one person's meat is another person's poison" may play a part in the supreme court's decision on this trademark case.

It is interesting that the "F**T" word is permitted to be used on clothing labels and allowed to be displayed on clothing worn in public, but has been denied trademark protection.

" USPTO had applied the immoral or scandalous provision of the law inconsistently. According to her ruling, the agency had registered FCUK and MUTHA EFFIN BINGO but rejected Fuct and F**K PROJECT as scandalous."

If the ruling should go against "F**T", at least they benefited by having its brand name sort of advertised for free.




Delightful! I heard the story driving in to work today, and thought creative nth circle folks could write a better tongue in cheek headline/article
here goes one for starters.
Inventor intentionally f*ct by PTO

The Supreme Court decided that "FUCT" was a constitutionally ok word. So the designer of the clothing line can obtain a trademark for his designs, and I imagine he got some free publicity from the judicial process.