TrumpCare gets an F

Please take note everyone. There is a giant loophole for the insurance industries to raise rates to individuals.

.[b] Under the new bill. If coverage lapses " insurers would be allowed to charge higher premiums to individuals whose coverage has lapsed."

[/b] Trump team ultimatum: No more talks, time to vote | CNN Politics

Yes--bill will not pass if it is voted upon. GOP will spend next few years, like they did the past 7, trying to figure out how to repeal and replace ACA. We will have to live with a far from perfect system until the for profit insurance is extracted from the equation and a single payer system is instituted, which will occur who knows when. Until then, many people will suffer from the flawed ACA. Too bad.

Last night's policy amendment, which includes the language ,

" This addition requires states to determine essential health benefits, beginning in 2018,
for purposes of the premium tax credit."

This may be enough to bring on board many Republicans. The vote may be closer than you think.

If there is something we should have learnt, don't underestimate Trump.

He and others have realized that whatever plan they come up with, they'll be criticized, but they'll be in more political trouble if Obamacare is not repealed. That's why everything is negotiable to get it passed. It isn't the outcome for poor people that matters here, it's all just about political calculation.

Here's a somewhat remarkable article in CNN that really lifts the lid on what goes on in America with these political social welfare issues: