Tracfone alternatives to the $44.95 1200/1200/1200 buy phone plan please?

We evacuated our RV from Down East NC for Florence and are happy to be safe. Our work location was destroyed. We are evaluating our cell plan alternatives. Tracfone offers a 44.95 1200/1200/1200 phone and one year plan.
Sprint offers unlimited $1 plus costs per month if we end up in an area with Sprint coverage.
We need one line with unlimited talk and 1 or 2 lines with <than 100 minutes per month.
Thanks in advance for any recommendations or information.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

1 on Sprint Unlimited for about $3-4 per month and Tello Pay as you go for the other 2.

als, it's good to hear you escaped the deluge!

Plenty of good options if you have Sprint coverage, for either type of user. Add Unreal Mobile (unlimited voice/text + 1gb, $10) and Twigby (with included VZW voice/text roaming) to johnsmith's recommendations. (Sprint Unlimited Free is great-- but remember it requires specific phones to enroll.)

Tracfone is a good option for your < 100 minutes per month lines: with some wrangling, you can get VZW, AT&T, or T-Mobile coverage, and you can change carriers with a little effort (and available phone). The RedPocket annual plans start at $60 for 100/100/500mb, and support all 4 networks-- but may be significantly harder to switch from one carrier to another, and may entail a loss of some days of service if you need to switch networks..

If you're in location transition, and don't know what carrier you'll need, Tracfone can be very handy. If you have phones that aren't carrier-locked, a $1 BYOP Tracfone SIM Kit makes a great emergency stash.

Wow - glad to hear that you got away from that disaster Als !!
If it suits you, your budget & coverage wherever you end up, you may be able to get a very affordable deal on a plan with Redpocket via fleabay as we've done.

Best Wishes for your relocation.

als, how many voice minutes would be 'as good as' unlimited for your high-volume phone?