Tracfone 30 day unlimited T&T plan with carryover

Interesting offering... so $25/mo for unlimited T&T then 2GB data that carries over... but it's hard capped data...

The carryover is the most interesting part.

Indeed! That's what made me look at them.

Tracfone has always included rollover of all units-- voice, text, data. Unlimited voice/text is new, though.

It's interesting to see this as a Tracfone plan-- it seems to intrude on the niche they've formerly reserved for Net10 and Simple Mobile.

The Tracfone group has lost customers in several recent quarters (but still over 20 million customers, and they increased profits even with the loss of customers). But I think the recent customer losses have driven home that some of their plans have fallen behind the competition, and they've been had a number of attractive promos and new offers across the group in recent months.

Agreed, in that you purchased allotments of minutes, data, and texts that will rollover provided there is service time. The competitive advantage is that those are "true" or "typical monthly" cell type plans many offer but with the rollover data - a feature not common on typical monthly smartphone plans where the unused data is lost.

That certainly opens them up to a wider group of people that are used to have data reset on a typical unlimited voice and text plan.

Tracfone's lowest tier on the new unlimited talk/text plans is $20, with 1GB, and the same data rollover.

I see that Net10 has added a similar tier to their plans, also $20 for unlimited talk/text with 1GB.
The difference between the 2 plans-- both companies have handled the data portion according to their pre-existing plans.
Tracfone offers hard-capped data, with full rollover. (As is standard with their business model-- I assume that additional data cards can also be added to get more high-speed data when needed.)
Net10 offers no rollover, but 2G fallback.

That makes Tracfone the better option for those who might not regularly approach the 1GB limit (and benefit from 'banking' data), and Net10 the better choice for those who do normally bump up against the full-speed allotment.

In my limited experience with Net10, I've found their customer service to be more responsive than Tracfone-- odd, since I think either route goes back to the same basic team structure. I'd guess that Net10 customer service requests may get prioritized over Tracfone users, since Net10 generates more income per user.