TPO closing down

  • Closing US operations
  • Currently arranging with someone to migrate customers to. Don't know who. My money is on Ting

That's sad. It is important to note though they do say "nothing has been made official yet", but porting out is advised.

Bummer! My main line is on TPO's Benevolent plan on T Mobile. It's been an outstanding plan for me. Will be bummed to see it go. Thanks mmfacemm for the "heads up"!

I ported my wife's mother's phone from Tello to the $7.99+tax TPO B plan, and now it must go back to the $11 unlimited T&T Tello plan. What fun playing the musical phone company game---where it stops nobody knows.

Durn. I have a lot of people on Benevolent.

Yes I ended my tpo use. Now that redpocket worked out and cellnuvo paid for it

Tpo was a great stop gap for me.

That $8 plan was hard to beat.

With all that happened. Porting main number to google was the best thing I did. Thanks for the advice.

I hate to see TPO go, too (although I don't have anybody there)--especially since they offered a choice of carrier. I don't think their standard pricing was that competitive-- but the Club plans first offered through Social definitely were!

Ting would be a likely destination, since the best fit would be an MVNO offering both carriers, and capable of relatively seamless transition for Sprint network users.

FYI: I decided not to wait and just ported a number from TPO to Tello, and the port was done in minutes. In order to port out from TPO, one must call CS, # 844-876-8326, to get the required account and pin#s( which pin# one should already have). This info is also stated on TPO's support web page. Hard to complain about the soon to end TPO deals for R+ people or Tello's prices and service.:slight_smile:

They can also email the account number and pin if you submit a support ticket

I was reluctant to mention the email option because of the "only" in this statement: "TPO Mobile account numbers and passcodes are only available by calling TPO Mobile customer service." But, though it may take longer, I see no reason the email option should not work.

As soon as they told shareholders. They knew there will be a mass Exodus. So effectively closing usa operations anyway

Perhaps, at least in my case, TPO's shutting down will have a silver lining, for the person using the phone reports that the call quality on Tello Sprint is noticeably better than it was on TPO Sprint, which is in line with what she reported about TPO having poorer quality than Tello when the phone was moved from Tello to TPO many months ago. Not sure why this would be, in that she has been using the same phone at home with both carriers on the Sprint network, unless there is some call routing difference in the two MVNOs that would affect the call quality. Anyways, she's happy with the switch to Tello.

With tpo - tmobile the call quality was good

Interesting comment about quality difference between TPO and Tello, Isamorph. I, too, would have expected identical quality, and I'm curious about what might cause the difference.....

True--I've had the TPO Timo $8 plan for many months, and I 'm sad about having to give that up.

The unlimited 2g. Was a great feature. Especially at 128 k

Not 64k

What tmobile MVNO is the lowest cost per month for very low usage now?
I've got just a couple of months left, before I'm off to who knows where with who knows what coverage next.
Thanks for the heads up.:slight_smile:
I would hate to be stranded on the side of the road with no idea why I have no service.

If your need is only for intermittent long trips, you might look at a SpeedTalk Pay-as-you-go SIM, with a pre-loaded balance-- and don't activate it until the start of your jaunt.
The cheapest seems to be $10 for a SIM loaded with $5 of credit, at $0.02 per unit (talk, text, or data) valid for 30 days.

The same strategy could be done via RedPocket, with a single month costing $10 + SIM.
Or Mint Mobile (MintSim) has a new Starter/Trial SIM for $5 that includes 60 minutes, 100 text, 100mb-- but it's only for a 7-day period.

For year-round coverage, maybe the cheapest Ebay RedPocket/T-Mobile plan or Tracfone..

T-Mobile coverage is available with Tracfone if you have a phone that supports T-Mobile. For an existing line, you can contact customer service and they will send you a T-Mo SIM for free if you tell them you have poor AT&T coverage.

If LycaMobile still has their PayGo plan, it may be your cheapest full-time, ultra-low usage option-- but getting details is difficult. I think there are some users here who would know the details..

If AT&T coverage would suit you, there is H2o Mobile: $10 for 90 Days Paygo----or $5 plan on EasyGo
There is also Toggle Mobile PayGo on T Mobile and Truephone on AT&T

For low usage, if you get good enough AT&T signal, Freedompop SIM seems best IMHO.

One cent and 99 cent SIMS, free monthly. Otherwise, they have monthly/annual plans.