Toys "Were" Us

RIP Toys "R" Us
“I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us kid”--- I haven't heard this jingle in some time. The slings and arrows of outrageous time have been the undoing of several juggernauts who appeared to be invincible during their heyday. Blackberry, Pan Am, Kodak, Radio Shack, and many others come to mind. Nostalgia can be enjoyable, but so can experiencing something new.

Most likely just another victim of the gargantuan evil amazon.

I just wonder which huge monolithic chain of stores will be next ??

Sears most likely, along with Kmart.

The small fortune I have in 'Craftsman' tools has already begun to weep as Sears has been slowly failing & eliminating those good, older tools for at least a decade already.

The only good news relating with that is some smallish 3rd party improvements - such as being able to get NiMH battery packs for the really good C2 power tools to replace the insipid (and overpriced) original NiCad packs.

What with even wally-mopp stores & their Sam's clubs closing - I wonder how long it'll be before folks realize that staying home & buying stuff from amazon wasn't such a great solution after all ?!?

I am actually a little sad to see toys r us go, but i'm sure they're will be a kidZmart or something similar owned by the big leagues.

It's hard to see past TarWalmaZon, and their combined brick and motor+online toy dominance, but that was the case with ToysRUs at one time. Who knows, maybe the Hell's Angels can merge with other biker clubs and form the "Angelmart" toy company.:slight_smile:

TarWalmaZon !!!

Absolutely priceless.

This "Bratz" maker fellow wants to buy and save "ToysRUs" and needs $800.000.000 more invested in his Go-me-Fund in order to do so. Yet you would think investors would want to know what his plan is before investing, but he doesn't want to reveal it.

"Toys R Us is not going to last. It needs a crazy person who lives, breathes and eats toys like I do."

"As for his imagined revamp, he won't give details. "We are still competing to buy Toys R Us, and I don't want other people to know what we plan to do," he says. "It's not going to be a minor thing. It's going to be a major thing."

Our next door neighbors have a bunch of small kids - and forbid plastic toys in their house.
(A childhood MINUS legos ?? Say it ain't so !!)

Maybe that is also a sort of thing which is hurting the sales of such junk.
I remember braving that place some while back to get a gift - and to my eyes it seemed 95% filled with plastic junk & I was not impressed - but then again I am also not a kid so a warehouse sized place filled with brightly coloured plastics will not have the same attraction for me.

As you know, given the size of the plastic continents floating in our oceans, I suspect that many plastic toys are being sold byTarWalmaZon, not ToysRUs, which end of contributing to those pretty floatin masses. But even though you are not of this world, your point is well taken. Now back in the good old days, when I was a kid, they made toys out of wood and metal, and one could easily get them out of the packages they came in. The idea of a plastic log cabin or a plastic six shooter cap gun would have been frowned upon in those days. Wood legos might be nice.


Chucky's back?

Oh goody - more places to buy brightly coloured plastic thingies !!

They are gone for good, after being bankrupt toys r us has ceased all the operations in the US and Canadian market but I heard it is still operating in Asia and European countries.