Touch or Knock on Wood

Massive amounts of wood on wood, CLT, might be the next big material in building construction. After thousands of years of hewing wood to human needs, one would have thought there was nothing new under the sun about the various ways to use wood. I guess it could be called massive plywood, plywood on steroids, or plywood to the Nth degree. This simple cross laminating of wood appears to be a sustainable construction method for some time to come, and maybe it will float and give us something to grasp onto as the sea level rises.


Will Termites Eat Pressure Treated Lumber?
The answer to this is a solid no.

But never say never for termites may mutate and evolve to eat all manner of woods.

I am sure it is location dependent but I have seen termites eat through nearly everything. Name it. Other than most metals and glass I have seen them attack it. I say most metals because I have seen brass (water) supply pipe that they ate through and have seen lead sanitary bend that they ate through. They don't live on most of it, just go through in their quest for water and food (wood) or to support the colony / reproduce. Very adaptable driven creatures.

I would not want a high rise built of this anywhere termites are an issue, especially where varieties that don't need to return to the earth to reproduce are present. At a minimum a comprehensive inspection system would need to be in place, 3x/yr. minimum.

Carpenter ants & wood boring bees are child's play in comparison.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is a cool idea/product but my $ wouldn't be the first.

One would like to think that those in the vanguard of what will likely become a billion(s) $ industry would be cognizant of the threats to the success of the said industry. But as is often said: "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." R. Burns