Totals for June

If you don't mind sharing, how much gold did you make this month? Even with supersilver, I can at least get the minimum amount for my ATT bill. However this month I don't think I will be able to do that. Anyone else in the same boat?

Edit: Its not terrible I can still pay my bill just a bit sad is all for us frugals.

About 30 Gold so far for June. Our total for May was about 50 Gold! :frowning:

I have only records from May 12-present. Adjusting for an average 30 days, I'm seeing 22 Gold. Although I have 2 accounts (and the 22 Gold is total across both), I think there was only one evening when I dual-swiped for 30 minutes or so, so it's essentially a single device..
I've only swiped a little each day, while watching TV, and haven't done any of the Super Silver. The 22 Gold is more than enough to pay my only eligible-vendor phone bill. I don't have recent earlier monthly totals for comparison.

Less than 10 gold. :frowning:

I haven't really tracked how many golds month by month, but now that I am hoping to make regular monthly payments for one of our phones, I aim for at least 1 gold per day. So far, so good!

I have two accounts, I get just over the 10 Gold per account (to keep my RedPocket lines active), then I stop or slow down.

I am glad cellNuvo is profiting better for you both, however you probably "swipe" way more than I and/or others do.

Yeah this is where I am at, about 10 :frowning: (I only have one account)

For whatever reason, I've always seen severe differences between my production and others at times-- maybe it's the phone itself, maybe it's geographic, maybe it's profile...... (And it usually seems I'm missing out.....)
But-- i really swipe very little. Most days, enough to get my 20 entries on both accounts (no wins), and maybe through 1-3 match games on one phone or the other (maybe 6 wins, from 5 silver to 9xx). Some days recently I don't manage to even turn them on.

Although I said I didn't have earlier recent production totals (and had to extrapolate from 45 days of swiping back to 30 days), I'm sure that my production has slowed. I looked sometime around the end of May, and saw I was doing about 1 Gold per day from May 12, so my average daily production is down-- but so is the time I spend swiping.

One of the best advice I've read in here is to swipe with a minimum of three phones. I now have 4 accounts. I usually swipe with 3 or 4 phones while watching TV or Youtube videos. 2 accounts I plan to use them to redeem for phones on Amazon, 2 accounts to pay for RedPocket yearly plans when it expires. I haven't keep track of how much I've made for June. But I've gotten a fair amount of surveys and winning the Matches the Numbers (aka Bingo), and of course, Supersilver. Haven't won the Split the Pot yet, but sooner or later, I got a feeling we'll all win at least one time.

I recently got a new Cricket Motorola moto e5 CRUISE for only $30.00 (Phone is free but you're required to purchase one month of service for $30. Also required port-in number and with tax, cost around $30.50 something.) Good, decent and fast enough phone to use on CellNuvo. After a month or so, the phone should pay for itself. As of 6/27/2018, Cricket free promo still in effect.

Note: Cricket can get fussy with credit card numbers. Didn't accept two of mine credit cards numbers I was entering. I was going to give up but decided to try one more with different credit cards number. That one finally got accepted and the order went through.

I have 135 gold so far this month. I usually swipe 2 phones. I think that includes the last week of May.

Thanks for making the rest of us feel like total slackers.....:sick:
Seriously, congrats!

That cant be all from swiping.

All from swiping, I don't do anything else. I'm still not using the new app.

Remarkable. Might I ask which Android vesion?

While I cannot prove the the following to be true, it's just my observation, certain regions seem to have higher Gold production. I referred family members in Texas, Nevada and California to CN sometime ago. My Texas family members consistently outpace my family members in Nevada and California in monthly Gold production. My Texas family members have told me that nearly every time they swipe, an ad appears, which is not the case for me or my other family members. Again, not a very scientific study, but my Texas family members LOVE CN and it seems like CN LOVES THEM TOO!

Sent you a PM.

I switch regions using a VPN, there is definitely a difference.

I'm on marshmallow.

Per phone or total. 135?

Total for 2 phones. June actually wasn't a good month, was doing about 8 gold per day. I'm now up to 15 gold for today, kind of like the good old days. Edit: My streak just ended, started getting the 30 second Toyota 10 silver ads between the 15 silver ads.