Total Wireless

Hello, All,

I am currently on a Sprint MVNO that meets my needs, but since I'm always trying to plan way ahead (of the potential Sprint/T-Mobile merger in this case), I was wondering if any of you on this forum have ever tried Total Wireless, and if so, how was your experience using this provider?

My potential interest is due to the fact that they run on the Verizon network, plus the option of paying for my monthly service using the CellNUVO app (assuming that CN lives long and prospers and continues Total Wireless payment options).

Any input would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Verizon and AT&T are pretty much the only viable options if you travel. Sprint and T-Mo would go dark in between cities.

Thanks for your post, @PEW. Your most recent OP got me started thinking about this since Verizon is likely merger-proof for the foreseeable future. :slight_smile:

You can always do redpocket verizon with cellnuvo gold. Totalwireless is a tracfone company. Some people get a long fine with them and they are great if you have a group or if you use quite a bit of data. Some people hate tracfone companies for their lack of customer service. But ymmv.

Good to know -- thank you! I do tend to need a fair amount of "live" assistance from time to time. How is Red Pocket's customer service, especially via phone?

These things are always YMMV. They are okay. Nothing special but they usually can work out the standard stuff without issues. They have always sorted out any problems I have had. Sometimes you get a bad rep but it is pretty easy to tell they don't know what they are talking about. Just call again/chat again and get someone else. Chat is supposed to be better than the phone but I've never used the phone to compare.

I had to deal with total wireless once when I bought a phone and I would personally rank redpocket a little higher than total wireless. TW couldn't cancel an order with an error in it I made 60 seconds earlier. Probably just the way their systems work but I expect customer service to be able to override something like that if there is an error that needs fixing.

I think you're awesome, PEW, but this is a crock.

We travel cross country about 4 times per year and rarely lose T-Mobile coverage and even have surprisingly good Sprint coverage.

In fact, there are some places where Sprint coverage is the only coverage we have. (I travel with all four cellular networks so that we can stay in contact with our employees.)

Not to worry. I also like to be prepared for what's coming, but the below article, if correct, says we'll have plenty of time before any big changes are made as a result of a Sprint/T-mobile merger.

T Mobile and Sprint have been sashaying for 4 years now in an attempt to merge. Now they are at a point where the long sought merger is likely to happen. But, as the author of the article suggests, it will likely be another 2 years before most Sprint and Timo users are affected by the completed merger. So there is little to be concerned about for now. I do wonder when the merger takes place if the Sprint one year free BYOD will go by the wayside, but, if so, even that scenario is a long way down the road

Thanks for the reassurance, @Isamorph. It's good to know that no changes are expected in the near future.

Here's to a(n eventual) successful merger and plenty of surviving post-merger MVNOs!