Too Big To Fillet

In this steer's case, size did matter, which steered him away from the chopping block, where he would have become hamburger paddies, 4,000 of them.

Wow -- that bull is big, and that's no bull! Bet he'll steak his reputation on his girth from now on, which will help him steer clear of any slaughterhouses for the rest of his life. At least in his case, all's well (done) that ends well (done). :slight_smile:

Wouldn't you know it, the darn Canadians, who are always trying to start a beef with someone, claim they have a bigger cow than "Knickers". It's a moot point, for no cow is bigger than Knickers, and none is as handsome, either. The Canadians sure know how to sour one's moood.

Very rare

As you know all too well, I have no beef with a bit of bovine humor, but this thread is getting udderly ridiculous. I think we've milked this for about all it's worth, so I think it's time to bale out, hit the hay, and call it a night. :slight_smile:

Seriously, thank you, @Isamorph, for yet another interesting and entertaining thread. Don't know where you find all of your topics, but we're glad you do!

I concur--enough of this bovinine humor. I'll hit the hay and dream about the resurrection of "Bovinity Divinity" ice cream.

Too little, and too cute to fillet.
It was just a matter of time before someone, or a cow, showed up to steal the spotlight from "Knickers" the giant steer, and so Lil' Bill has arrived for his closeup and 15 minutes, or more, of fame. Much like Knickers, Lil' Bill's size, as well as cuteness, will, I'm sure, allow him to circumnavigate the slaughter house.
2018 has become the year of the cow.

Perfect size for a slider?

Funny--- what we will eat has no bounds, even when not hungry, and some people enjoy eating the delicate ortolan songbird whole.

"'The American chef Anthony Bourdain says the experience is close to ecstasy: “With every bite, as the thin bones and layers of fat, meat, skin and organs compact in on themselves, there are sublime dribbles of varied and wondrous ancient flavours: figs, Armagnac, dark flesh slightly infused with the salty taste of my own blood as my mouth is pricked by the sharp bones.”'