Tom vanished?

Did tom make an appearance and just leave again?

Did you e-mail him? I am sure he will talk to you

Yes he appeared and it was very welcome. I hope we hear more from him in the coming months

Yes he left. It would be weird to stay on a forum 24/7.

He posted 5 days ago. So no he hasn't vanished.

Yes I actually have emailed him numerous times but he just ignores me

What type of emails? Just curious

FYI, I e-mailed Tom this morning to see if it might be possible to add Twigby to the list of payment options on the CN app, and I got a nice reply in about three hours, so no, I don't believe he has vanished. My guess is that his day job (i.e., running the company) is keeping him a bit busy. :slight_smile:

FYI #2, he explained that Twigby would require an "extended development period" and therefore has not yet been added; however, he said that Twigby and other "more challenging" possibilities were still on the list for potential later additions, just no time frame yet.


Lol that was classic