Tom, suggestion instead of letting people run out of service


Instead of letting red pocket end our service.

Why don't you take 5000 to 10000 silver from everyone's account and extend another month. Surely by then cell nuovo would be up and running?

Letting red pocket take away service is making us all frustrated.

I can understand you do not want to pay for another temp month.

What do you think of this idea?

Maybe Tom wants people to leave so he can cancel all that Silver & Gold?

I think you are silly. Redpocket does not take silver or gold... It takes cash.

I asked red pocket chat earlier to put me on the $5 cell nuvo plan that was mentioned earlier in other threads. The rep just said "what $5 dollar plan ?. I just lol'ed and cancelled chat .


I don't cotton to the idea of having Tom terrific take any money from my account, even if i had 10,000 silver, which I don't. Just give me my cash back--oops, forgot that I've spent zero money on this account. I doubt that Tom actually reads any of these posts.

Well he will when he gets email with link


Good idea, am all for it! Instead of using its own money to fund another month on RP which can be overburden a business like CN.

Right. No offense to people with no 5000 in account. Then you get no service. I mean how do such people expect to have enough going foward with 1 silver ads?