Today I got a 225 silver survey about game apps

It took a few minutes to complete, but it is nice. Of course, in the old days, those 30 silver videos were better. What is even better is a 150 silver kiip ad from dollar car rental I came across today. I feel a lot better now.

btw, my stance regarding a fair crediting standard remains intact. One second half silver, and one act (other than initial swipe) one silver.

With this being said, I think those 30 second videos awarding only 5 silvers suck! I even saw one awarding only 3 silvers two days ago.

I also got the 150 Kipp. We need more of those

Thanks for letting others know to look out for it

I agree with the fair crediting standard and wish you would email support and Tom on this subject

I suspect that cellnuvo singles me out for punishment due to my advocacy for a fair crediting standard.