Ting signup experience

Firstly, unbeknownst to me, there is already an account at Ting registered to the same email address I use at Ringplus.

I wonder if our Ringplus emails have already been shared with Ting. I don't think it's something I did a while back since my email history at that email shows nothing from Ting ever.

Secondly, after entering MEID and ICCID, it asked me if I want to port a number with this text:

"Port in" from another (vastly inferior) mobile provider.


So yes, I ported in from Ringplus. But I guess Ting already knew that since I came from their Ringplus $35 referral page.

Apart from that, you need your R+ account number (phone number no dashes), 6 digit pin, name, address, credit card details.

Very straightforward.

Of course, if you come from R+, you'll get a $35 credit.

If you feel like activating a spare phone, you can use my referral link to get a $25 credit:

[Hungryghost Edit: referral links are not allowed here]