Time zones

Where do these phones get their system time? I noticed the following (due to calendar reminders)...

Samsung S6 Edge+ on Sprint MVNO 7:45
Moto G5 Plus on Sprint 7:43
iPhone 7 Plus on Sprint 7:42
Moto G6 on FP LTE SIM 7:42
Chromebook on wifi 7:42


From the year 1982, perhaps. Your iphone has the correct time according to the linked article. But I just noticed that the article is 7 years old, so more research is needed.

Not really, the earliest to latest differs by 3 minutes.

Note4 on FreedomPop Sprint showed 7:42

Seems to be a conundrum for some users.

Oops, turns out I had turned off automatic network time on the S6 Edge+ and the Moto G5 Plus. Matches now. :slight_smile:

Time solves some problems.

This brings up another observation... I'm sure I had the times match initially, looks like the internal clock of each device drifted.