Thoughts on the Vegas shooting tragedy

These are just some of the things that got my attention as well as some realizations I had after the Vegas shooting tragedy.

Firstly the things that inspire you about human nature:

  • So many people risked themselves to save others.
  • Tear jerking interviews of families who have lost loved ones and of survivors. Their lives will never be the same but I believe their inherent goodness will see them through this.

But then some of the things that worry me about human behavior:

  • Paranoid people who believe it was a conspiracy
  • People politicizing the blame for this. I've seen people say that the political leanings of Paddock have been covered up because he is left wing and that if he had been right wing that would be in the news. Before that many gleefully blamed Geary Danley who is left wing which led to him receiving death threats. I've read people adamant that the girlfriend is behind this because she is Filipino and must be a Muslim. Now Pat Robertson alluded to this being a result of disrespect for Trump.

Now onto my major realization about this whole event:

It is interesting that because the killer is rich and retired, seemingly living life on his terms, many people are uncomfortable there is no explanation for why he did this. He's not black, he's not Muslim, he's not poor, there is no clear indication of "mental illness". Indeed, the behavioral aspect that has been cited that he was not that sociable and wanted privacy is something shared by many who love their guns, so that does not serve as a comfortable sign that this was something that should have been noticed.

So without any of the usual things to blame for why it is nothing to do with gun regulations but to do with the person (muslim / black / mental health etc), and because people have to find a reason and cannot just accept that a rich white retiree is capable of such things, the possibility that gun regulations need to be looked at has come into play across the political spectrum.

Of course, the fact that he amassed 40+ guns, was able to convert them to be fully automatic and did this from 400 yards away, has also helped people see a connection between the volume of firearms and ammunition allowed to be acquired, as well as the immense power that anybody is allowed to purchase even though the same weapons wouldn't make sense for home defense or open or concealed carry.

But I say again, ask yourself this question:

Had the killer been muslim, would we now be talking about gun regulation or muslim regulation? How many revenge attacks would there have been and how many calls for mosques to be patrolled?

Lastly, despite all of this, if you are pro some sort of gun regulation (which 80% of Americans are), just be aware that the NRA are incredibly good at ensuring nothing changes. There is a very good John Oliver sketch that explains why that is.