Thomas Mannix giving fake five star reviews to his app

I saw the post about an updated CN app. I decided to look at the reviews and happened upon a 5 star review by Thomas Mannix with no explanation for the rating.

That's not surprising. Where do we see it?

You might want to take one step back before jumping to conclusions. You can put any name you want in a google profile so it is not necessarily Tom Mannix of cellnuvo.

It looks like it is this person going from the maroon avatar on the review

Tom usually has a personal profile picture with a photo of himself so I have doubts this is him. But anything is possible.

That seems to be him.

With the new apps and ability to use golds for Amazon in the future, I think am going to give new apps 5 stars too.

Unless we r going pay more like people are paying Verizon, changes will be slow for starting companies or low cost MVNOs.

Where is this review located, for I do not see it in the play store reviews? Thanks

I found it in the phone app. Couldn't find it in on the website.

There are several other suspicious reviews as well.

I reported the Mannix one as that is against the terms of service for Google Play.

uiurbina. Gave the app a one star on play store. Lol

Oh forgot can’t leave 5 Stars for new app. Have iPhone with me now so can’t rate apps on Google store. Oh well have to wait, when I have time will leave 5 Stars but I rarely rate apps. may be I should do it more often. Encourage app developers to create more great apps.

Just curious - is it actually against the terms to rate your own app? I don't see anything in the terms to suggest that.

Where is this rating located? Not on google play?

Well I do have service barely. After being without service for 2 weeks after August 18th . And then again no service for another 2 days. They rarely answer my emails . If they do its nonsensical. So 1 star at most at this time. IF they get everything running smoothly I will up it to 5 stars. HOPE IT'S SOON

You can see it on googleplay on your phone on the cellnuvo app page. It just says Thomas Mannix 5 stars and that is it. The avatar is a maroon circle. The cached google plus page a month ago appears to be blank.

Could be a troll having a laugh for all we know.

Or it could be him. But is it against the terms - my searches indicate it isn't. Though you have to judge for yourselves whether it is something you think is right.

I would say so. Tom Should be informed. So they take it down.

I don't think that review would sway anyone's decision to install the app one way or the other.

Yes agreed.

The google+ page has enough information in it to show that it is indeed Thomas Mannix of cellnuvo who left a 5 star review of the cellnuvo app.

Speculation at best.

Why don't you email him and ask?

No need to email him. There's more than enough information and links in his google profile.

If anyone wants more details, PM me. Hungry Ghost does not want us sharing personally traceable information in public.