This tickles me !!

Here is some very, very good & timely news:

Yup, it is official, at last=>
Handheld devices - mostly running Android (Linux !!) have changed the world.
(And the m$ beasts never did manage to totally kill off the users' devotions to XP - Bwah-ah-ah !!!)

It is because of this discussion on this forum about Microsoft that I am now a happy Linux Mint user.

A number of years back I started helping some folks make the transition from win-doze to Linux & it has been very satisfying for me to see how well it has turned out.

The 1st was a young technophobe; he very quickly adjusted to the changed OS & has been delighted with its stability ever since.

The 2nd was a friend in his 80's - also a technophobe - but his reasoning is cute enough to mention here:
He was very tired of paying what he called 'the yearly antivirus tax' !!
He also has been delighted with his highly reliable system ever since.

A retirement aged couple I've known for many years came next - and since they are soon moving far away they wanted to get away from desktop PCs & into new notebooks instead.
It turned out a wee bit more complicated & taught me a heck of a lesson too...
Her new PC was quite inexpensive from a box store & Ubuntu took right to it very nicely & easily;
His came from the famous maker System76 & turned out to be a huge disappointment - so we actually replaced that with a 2nd identical box store notebook & they are now travelling very merrily with their Linux notebooks.

It is always amusing to me that Linux has really become the most dominant OS of all - even though most folks don't know that the largest number of servers as well as their cars & most 'smart' things are all Linux based !!

I tried Ubuntu and OpenSuse several years ago but did not like them so I gave up on Linux, but they have come a long way since then and Mint has brought new life to my laptop that did have W7 on it.

Distro checking has been a hobby of mine for many years & I awaited eagerly for some of them to become what I like to call 'grandpa friendly' - which they have.
A great many of them have not impressed me very much for various reasons, but Ubuntu when it used Gnome 2 was pretty decent for win-doze refugees.
When they started with that horrid unity abortion was when I started using Ubuntu Mate, which again is quite satisfactory for folks who prefer the classic desktop way of doing things.

Mint & Peppermint have always been problematic for me either because of their requirements & size, or repeated boot failures for no apparent reasons Suse & other more demanding ones (Redhat, CentOS, Arch, Qubes, etc..) simply seem too fiddly for my likings.

Part of my little hobby is periodic visits to - which I highly recommend to anyone who has any interest in non-wintel stuff.

I have personally chosen NOT to get sucked into the abyss which win-doze has become in recent years.

As such, I am thrilled when I see folks openly posting affirmations showing that such a juggernaut is finally faltering as was shown in the article I pointed out in my OP here, and now, a little bit more:

As I have mentioned in the past on this site, I'm no fan of Windows 10 and what M$ has become, and went all in with Linux some time ago. I've experimented with maybe 40 Linux distros, all for free, and have been fond of the Arch based distros for some time. I have settled on using the close to perfect Manjaro Linux that, for good reason, has become # 2 on the rankings. I have become so familiar with Linux that I can see no reason to return to the closed Window's system.

It has been a while since I tried anything Arch based...
My quest has always been oriented towards finding what would be easiest/simplest to slide right into for non-techie win-doze refugees.
Arch-based distros always seemed to me to be more fiddly & techie than the average grandpa would be likely to handle easily - whereas Ubuntu Mate was not only fairly close in looks to what such folks were accustomed to, but also very NON-fiddly as it is aimed at lower userlevels.

Perhaps it is time for me to try another or 2 of those to see if these aspects have changed a bit ??

I agree that Arch distros are more challenging than are Ubuntu Mate, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu Budgie for people just migrating from Windows. What drew me to Arch is the rolling updates or always up to date structure, as well as it's speed. I was fortunate to have been with a newly created, now defunct, Arch distro from day one, where I was able to participate in seeing how any problems were ironed out,etc. I had tried Manjaro Arch in the past, but it had a few problems, so I moved on. But I tried Manjaro again, and discovered that it had been perfected, and I now consider it home. But it's true, the Ubuntu and Debian Linux distros are much more user friendly and welcoming to all.