There is a very simple solution to end this crap

Cut a check to every member and let them deal with the phone number mismatch bullshit. I believe anybody can solve the problem extremely "soon" with money in hand.

For me, I only want 30 us dollars for the 300 golds in my account.

Win win game. Cellnuvo gets rid of liability with a 90% writeoff, and I get phone service.

Great idea from the user's POV, I agree 100%, but:
From their POV this would only bring giggles, most likely.

And why ??
I'm guessing that they made sure to have zero liability from the start in enough ways that it's been no worry a'tall.

As a whole, the internut has enabled 'take the money and run' scenarios quite brilliantly.

Those with less than good intentions are fully able to play themselves out by simply writing (usually at great length...) their 'protections' into the fine print of their TOU and/or TOS - and the rest becomes a free ride for them with no worries.

I've seen this happen many, many times since the .com revolution started - and it has worked very well for such folks.

Only those of us with concepts of integrity, consciences & the capability for remorse avoid doing such trickery; but sadly - we also tend to trust too easily in falsehoods & thereby get 'sucked in'.