There is a 75-silver pollfish ad opening up web browser


Does not work for me either

You should be the cellnuvo pr person.


These stink. I don't qualify for any of them, but they come up every other swipe. Occasionally it'll try to find me another one and ask if I want to take a 15-min+ survey. For 75 silver, not worth it.

Do email support so it isn't just me trying to get them to get rid of them.

I have done tons of them and have yet to finish a single one to get the silver. They do load for me but I never get all the way through before I am disqualified. Just trying to get rid of the pop up and it won't go away! Hitting "no thanks" or the back button just gets rid of that one survey temporarily and another couple of swipes and it is back.

Indeed. Even the mosquitos in our area are less annoying and persistent. Guess that's why this survey "bugs" me so much.

I seem to recall that there were quite a few surveys similar to this when I used to swipe left and select one of the Tapjoy surveys. At least you could count on them properly closing and not reappearing time after time, after time, after (well, you get the idea).

I always try to give CN staffers a day or so to fix glitches before I complain to Support about technical difficulties, so tomorrow is "Pollfish D-Day" for me. Hope it will be resolved soon.

Very frustrating!

I used to be happy when surveys popped up-- now I close them immediately.

Getting my 20 entries is, truthfully, more trouble than it's worth. Not sure how much longer I'll endure it.

Clearly, no one at CellNUVO uses their own app or we'd never see these kinds of things.

You would think that someone, there, would occasionally do a few swipes just to see how things were working.

Tom is aware of this now. He is looking into it.

Although everyone here should still email him. Because then he will know it is widespread and maybe you have a different glitch then other users. Ect.

I agree support needs to use their own app once a day to make sure it is working

Should not be up to us

I submitted an email to support requesting removal of these ads as well...we'll see if they do anything about it. Glad people are helping to speak up. Very frustrating.

I'd imagine they're not getting any ad revenue from the polls if all of us are just skipping them...

I never had a problem loading a pollfish survey until last night-- but now seeing the same diverting to the web browser mentioned above, on at least one survey.

The Pollfish surveys are weird in general-- it at least appears that they are looking for very specific demographics (especially employment sector) to 'qualify'. It's sometimes possible to guess what demographic they're aiming at, and 'become' that person for the survey.
I'm really okay with these very specific surveys, IF the qualifying questions were the first questions that appeared-- but generally, it seems that there are 6-8 responses required before you get to the disqualifier. If they only want responses from those who are in IT positions, why not make that qualifying question the first response needed?
It makes for an aggravating experience even when the survey is functioning correctly.

I agree that CN could avoid a lot of customer dissatisfaction if they had someone internally who did 'swipe testing'.

Maybe our petitions worked? I haven't seen a Pollfish ad since before 11am EST today.

Yep looks that way.

Now it is time for a new mistake. This time in the members favor.

300 silver. 21 century ads.


For me, surveys are loading and crediting now! Yay! Just did 3 surveys and all credited! Thank you CellNuvo for quick fixes!

P.S. I think it's a good idea for one support tech there to swipe 5, 10 or 15 minutes at the start of his/her shift to find out if everything is in working order. This way they can respond and fix glitches much faster. By using the app every day, maybe have more new ideas for new app updates.

Survey is back, keeps going in a loop, no silver credited.

Finally lets me "finish" the survey after tying in bunch of random char responses - awarded 1 silver. Looks like Pollfish is more interesting in pissing people off.

You been approved to finish the survey. Congrats

I'm not seeing that one.