The times we inhabit ??

Through a process of unusually strong serendipity - this music came to my attention.
If I'd 1st seen the artist's chosen genre most likely I'd have passed it by;
Very glad it worked out better than that !!
(I'd not heard of this artist previously...)

Whether seen as a bit of musical artistry or perhaps even a message to the world from the artist, it is still worthy of a look & listen IMO.
Of course everyone has their own tastes, so YMMV.
I do hope anyone taking the time to see for themself will enjoy this.

I'm afraid she's a bit too upbeat and optimistic for most. But, seriously, she seems to be an amalgam of the likes of Diogenes the Cynic and Kate Bush, a thinker and a singer who had something to communicate.

Please pardon my vaguely metaphysical leanings here...
I see that song (message ??) less as one of optimism & more acknowledging the mess of this physical world vs. the true nature of what is behind it.

Whether any message is detected there it is still my opinion that this artist & those who've worked with her have made a fine & unusual work of art which seems easy to appreciate !!

Yes, viewing the performance in the video might be considered a classic case of judging a book by its cover, for at first glance one could dismiss the performance as some sort of new age, age of aquarius music without substance. Yet, if one delves deeper, one can see the artist has uniquely expressed her message about our current state of being, i.e., a mess with a few rays of optimism, as I see it.