The Sweet Taste of Success

We're in Nevada, for a friend's wedding, and we put on their rehearsal dinner for them, last night. I cooked Indian and everyone ate until they were ready to bust.

Then the wedding party called the house, this morning, (we're staying with the bride and groom) and asked if they could come collect the leftovers. Apparently, they were all sitting around the hotel this morning, wishing that they had more chicken makhani and Basmati rice.

They decided that they wanted leftover Indian food-- for breakfast! :slight_smile:

I'm going to call that meal a success!

Hey Rachael, Paula, and Martha, better watch your backs -- here comes Chelle!

The premise of the New Chelle Show

So instead of having a permanent kitchen like Martha and the rest.

Chelle will drive across the country with her sidekick. Cooking meals.

Sort of like the American Pickers but with food

American. "CHELLE"

I love to cook-- even more than collecting cellphones. :wink:

Wow -- you must REALLY love to cook! :slight_smile: