The Return

Throughout our relatively brief time on this wonderful planet, some of the best human thinkers have have proposed and attempted to answer difficult questions about the ultimate nature and purpose of our uncanny existence on this earth, while others have directed their gaze downward and attempted to comprehend the nature of these little armies of creatures who, at least in the USA, return to our lives every summer and move around our feet while also invading our houses and picnic tables---Ants. Someone once proposed the notion that there was such a thing as strength in numbers, which may have been gleaned from observing ants. So in order to combat these Ant battalions, the human ant defence industry goes into attack mode just before and during summer, where we spend billions on defence endeavoring to protect ourselves from these not fully understood beings. They are worthy opponents, indeed. Oh, and I don't care for baby stealers and slave owners. And the scientist in the video may be William Shatner's long lost son.

Ants, a 'crazy' wonderful perspective.
Zoologger: Invasion of the crazy incestuous ants

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