The Quest for Paper Soda Bottles and More

Should the goal of making a paper soda bottle be fulfilled, then it would be "one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind", as analogized by a person familiar with the project. If achieved, it's still going to be challenging making car bumper covers, head/tail lights lenses, and the untold myriad of other things made of plastic, out of paper. Maybe there is a great future in paper rather than plastic.

Bye bye trees

This will indeed be challenging, but given the wonders of modern science it will no doubt be do-able sooner than later.

BTW, is that @lexusl21's Lexus in the photo? :slight_smile:

I imagine Lexus' Lexus was purchased with Cellnuvo gold, so maybe that is his ride.:unsure:

Monthly payments should be added.