The psychology of not communicating

It's a curious strategy to not communicate with your customers when there is a service issue.

Or is it?

Think what the response of many has been. "I will wait it out".

What if CellNUVO had communicated either the truth or made more promises that they subsequently broke.

What would the response have been then? People porting or people complaining to the FCC.

But because the reaction has been hopeful, because people don't want to lose their Silver, it's in CellNUVO's interests to not communicate. If they did communicate, things would probably turn out worse for them.

The only way you can get them to communicate is to start making a noise. Request a port out of your old number or lodge a complaint with the FCC. Waiting it out gives CellNUVO an incentive not to communicate.

I think most of us believe that as long as there is a chance for Cellnuvo to survive, we're all better off not to make it more difficult for them (?)

On the last part - not sure that requesting a port out would impact them. The port in company to would send a request to CN and CN likely would just ignore/not be able to complete the request like they did when people tried it three weeks ago and the port request would fail.

Requesting a port out, especially if it fails, gives you proof to take to the FCC.

If enough people complain, then CellNUVO and Sprint might be forced to get your numbers back.

Great point but than again, there is a chance of your number getting stuck in limbo