The Night The Lights Went Out

Who was behind this event? Conspirators, Obama,fate? Lady Liberty goes dark -- and anti-Trumpers go nuts - Washington Times

Perhaps it might be useful to approach the matter from a more analytic perspective. The Washington Times is not known for being especially objective.

I don't think any media source is especially objective. Not the BBC, not the NYTimes and not the WPost.

I agree with you that no source is "unbiased." In fact, it is well known that even if a source of information has no "bias" it is not necessarily reliable. This was been shown in studies where witnesses to vehicle accidents give contradictory reports on what happened.

That being said, there are sources that are more careful than others.

Here is what NPR is reporting:

A National Park Service official says they're still looking into it, but they suspect recent work on the electrical system is the cause. [I did not find any reference to the incident on

"The outage was most likely due to work related to an ongoing project to activate a new emergency backup generator which is part of our last remaining Hurricane Sandy recovery projects," the NPS says. It added that the outage was "unplanned."

Portents and omens and signs. Oh My!
We must journey to consult an oracle, for the deeper meaning to be revealed.
Shall we and our brave companions sally forth on a quest?

A good place to start.

Yes--please go sally forth on you own and signal us when you have found something meaningful. :slight_smile: